Monday, February 18, 2013

This Weekend.

This weekend was a good change of pace. My beautiful friend Heather and I spent the day Saturday  exploring the town. We woke Gary up early Saturday morning and took him to the lake, which was frozen and covered with snow, so she could take pictures of him setting his Chinese lanterns off. It ended up being too windy, but she still took some great shots of us.
Later, after warming up over french toast and coffee, we went to an amazing building on the edge of town. The top floor is currently empty, but has the most amazing bones: distressed wood floors, original brick walls and beautiful warm light. A man who works in the building let us is and told us it used to be a meat packing factory! He also gave us a ride in the old-fashioned elevator and let us on the roof. It was the perfect, secret spot for some really great photos which will make their way here later this week.
The snow returned and slowed things down on Sunday. It also made me very happy that I work at a warm coffee shop.
I can't believe we're already halfway through February! Even if this semester has been stressful, it's already flying by.

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  1. beautiful photos.. you two make an adorable couple.